Thank you for sharing your experience and insights on 17th of April at he NOMAD workshop in Copenhagen! 

Photo of participants

The NOMAD team is happy with the outcome; it was fruitful and fun. We got the input that we need to start finalising the NOMAD project. The results and findings will contribute to our current understanding of how cross-border MaaS should work compared to today’s situation. 

Hopefully, you learned something new, and the workshop contributed to developing mobility services in your organisation. And I encourage you to use the NOMAD partners and workshop participants as a network of competence and resources. 

In the first part of the workshop, we learned about the pain travellers experienced setting up a cross-domain and cross-border journey by public transport. This experience underpins the importance of improving the car-less customer experience and will be essential to the NOMAD results. 

As a project, NOMAD will help identify under which regulatory, demographic, cultural and technical conditions MaaS will work locally and as an agent for inter-Nordic roaming of MaaS. 

The project will continue its work toward the end of this year, and we will invite you to a few more seminars and a dissemination workshop – so please stay tuned.

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