Søren Bom from the Capital Region of Denmark talks to Intelligent Transport about the NOMAD project

In regard to Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS), we are working with the other Nordic countries in a project that is funded by  Nordic Innovation – NOMAD. It entails building up an enabler platform upon which we can develop mobility solutions for tomorrow. We may not have the biggest cities in the Nordics, but we’re trying to open doors for MaaS operators so that they can easily access Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo and so on, all in the same way.

We want to work as a framework which develops across several countries. We are really interested in having good discussions with EU countries; when it comes to data sharing and APIs for instance, we really need standards, so that we can keep these mobility services running across borders.

Back in December 2019 Trond Hovland from ITS Norway also talked to Intelligent Transport about NOMAD – at that time called NMIP (Nordic Mobility Innovation Platform)

Half of the project is now focused on making data ready for the market, while the other half of the project will actually use the data to set up mobility services based on a roaming model. Imagine the way you can subscribe to one telecoms company but roam freely in that ecosystem – the idea is to have the same set up for transport services. 

The more press clippings at our press site: http://nomadmobility.org/press/

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